North End Avenue

Why are we looking at this area?

One of the objectives of Portsmouth Friends of the Earth is to identify areas within Portsmouth that could be greened and improve these spaces into something enjoyable for the locals of the area. North End Avenue was identified as one of these areas.

What have we done so far?

In March we decided along with Andy Ames, the Wilder Communities Officer at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust we decided to find out what local people thought about this area.

Our first action was to ask Stamshaw Infant School pupils, their parents, teachers, school governors and the site manager plus 100 local residents how they felt about this area and what they’d like to see there.  The response so far has been fantastic; there’s a lot of enthusiasm for doing it up.

Many problems were highlighted including broken glass, needles, dog poo, graffiti, fly-tipping and a general lack of greenery and access for bicycles and motorbikes.  There seems to be a sense of neglect and lost hope.

We were also told that most parents walk between Stamshaw Infant and Junior Schools along either Stamshaw or Twyford Avenues (aka A3) which are direct routes and have good crossings. Because most families live on that side of the school, they might not want to use North End Grove which is much quieter, even if a crossing were provided at the end.

The residents of Harrison House would potentially be happy to do some intergenerational activities with the school if the opportunity arises.

We are very keen to hear more ideas, so if you work, live or travel through this area please get in touch