August 2020 Newsletter!

Join our campaign planning meeting on Monday 17 August  at 7pm online. All welcome.

Email for the link and agenda. 

Pompey Street Space campaign A big thank you to everyone who signed the petition calling for the council to make our city safe for everyone to walk, wheel, shop and cycle whilst social distancing! 

On 21 July this was presented at the Full Council meeting by Dr Johnathan Lake.  His presentation, the deputations, the council’s response and debate can be watched here – It’s item 8 and runs from 1hr 23 minutes and 35 seconds to 2 hrs 4 minutes into the meeting.  

Other events and activities 

The government’s England Tree Strategy.  The govenment is consulting on its plans to update its policy for trees, woodland and forestry through the creation of this new strategy.  Sadly it fails to set any tree target for England and the measures proposed would at best raise England’s woodland cover from 10% to just 12%.  Have your say!

Seeking the 2020 Rainbow – Pens of the Earth’s new campaign is seeking your positive photos and observations about the changes during lockdown which will be used to inspire stories and poems.

Greenpeace Portsmouth online meeting – Wednesday 5 August at 7:30pm. Find out more about their current campaigns and how you can get involved. 

Planet Aware’s Ocean Challenge – have fun whilst learning about some of the issues our ocean faces with 7 challenges for all the family.

The Big BUtterfly Count – 17 July – 9 August.  You still have time to take part!  Simply download and print out the handy butterfly chart to help you identify the butterflies you spot, choose a place to spot them and spend 15 minutes logging those you see. 

National Marine Week – 25 July – 9 August.  Celebrate with the Wildlife Trusts.  Despite the name, it’s 15 fun-filled days to allow for the variation in tide times around the country.

Stomp for Stamps 2020 – Join Pompey monster, Stomper and his friends Wheels, Scott and Breezy and follow thier maps to guide you to hidden treasure.  It’s about having fun safely and encouraging you to walk, cycle or scoot more.Free Courses.

Unravelling the Cycling City – learn about how to encourage cycling in the city.

Reclaiming the street – starts 26 July. Reimagine the street as a space for peple rather than infrastructure for moving traffic.

Call to Action!
Have your say about Clean Air Zones in Portsmouth!

What do you think of the Park & Ride service?

Tell the council how coronavirus has affected you.

Stop live animal exports!

Call for a beaver national strategy, so they can come back for good!

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