December 2020 Campaign Newsletter

Local News

Have your say on the future of Victoria Park – A Friends of Victoria Park group has been established.  Amongst other things, it’s feeding ideas to the council which is working on a Heritage Lottery bid.  If you are interested in joining the Friends email  You can also share your views about the future of park via this survey

Local Events
Climate Justice & System Change talk – Thursday 26 November 11-12:30pm.  Join Global Justice now to learn about how we can campaign against public money being used to exacerbate climate change and what an alternative and just energy system might look like. 

Revolution Plastics: Creating a Sustainable Future for our City – Thursday 26 November 1-2pm.  University of Portsmouth.  Explore how we can change our relationship with plastic here in Portsmouth.

Other Events and Talks
South Coast Alliance for Transport & the Environment (SCATE) Annual Gathering – Saturday 28 November. 2-4:30pm.  SCATE is supported by Friends of the Earth.  Both FOE and transport campaign group Sustrans have contributed speakers to SCATE’s conference.  It is free to take park and open to all. 

Tree Charter Festival Day – Saturday 28 November 12:30-5pm.  Take part in The Woodland Trust’s online festival to learn more about the Tree Charter principles with live talks on climate change, diversity and youth engagement. 

National Tree Week – 28 November – 6 December.  This annual event marks the start of the Winter tree planting season.  Find out more about the series of free tree-inspired art and culture events.  

TED Countdown Series A series of short video talks on climate change and things we can/ need to do.

Calls to Action!

Tell Tesco to Stop Destroying Forests for Meat!

Update Planning Laws to allow for environmentally friendly, low impact and sustainable homes to built in England more easily.

Put an end to using live animals for entertainment!

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