January 2021 Campaign Newsletter!

We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

Portsmouth Friends of the Earth campaign meeting – Monday 18 January at 7pm. Join the discussion about our current campaigns and find out how you can get involved:
* Climate Action
* Double Tree Cover & Nature Everywhere
* Streets for People

Email pfoeinfo@gmail.com for a meeting link.

Other Local Events
Greenpeace Portsmouth online meeting – Wednesday 6 January at 7:30pm.  Come and find out more about current campaigns and how you can get involved.  New members are very welcome!

Portsmouth Green Drinks meeting – Thursday 14 January at 8pm.  Professor Steve Fletcher will talk about the University of Portsmouth’s Revolution Plastics, a transformative programme focusing on sustainability and the environment.

Other Events and Talks
New Year Plant Hunt – Friday 1st – Monday 4 January.  Help the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland build up a clear picture of how our wildflowers are responding to changes in Autumn and Winter weather patterns.   

Gardening for Wildlife talk – Thursday 7 January 8-9:30pm.  Rob Hopkins, Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust will talk about creating beautiful wildlife gardens.   

The Secrets to Good Natural Observation talk – Wednesday 13 January at 7:30pm. Simon Watts of WILD! Presentations UK explores natural observation and the key elements that can gain access to better experiences and thus filming opportunities when out and about.  Hosted by the Charnwood Local Wildlife Trust Group.

The UK’s International Contribution – the sixth carbon budget and net zero webinar – Thursday 14  January 10-11am.  An online session to mark the start of 2021 – they year of COP26 – dedicated to exploring the Climate Change Committee’s advice on the Sixth Carbon Budget as a fair and ambitious contribution to the Paris Agreement. 

Gardening for Wildlife talk – Monday 18 January 7:30pm.  Join Joel Ashton who is well-known in the wildlife and gardening community.   Hosted by the Rutland Wildlife Trust Group.   

Ancient Trees talk – Tuesday 19 January 3-3:45pm.  Meet the Ginko, the Metasequoia and Wollemia, three trees known as fossils and thought to be extinct before scientists discovered that they are still around in our days living and growing.    

The Economics of Zero webinar – Wednesday 20 January 10-11am – This session will consider the Climate Change Committee’s advice on the Sixth Carbon Budget and explore potential implications for UK jobs and the wider economy. 

Bye Bye Plastic talk – Wednesday 27 January 12-1pm The London Natural History Museum hosts three speakers: a scientist researching the impact of plastic pollution on seabirds; an activist who successfully campaigned for a single use plastic ban on their home island of Bali and a photographer raising awareness through a unique portrayal of plastic debris. 

Financing Net Zero webinar – Wednesday 27 January 10-11am. The Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget identified a need for a programme of low-carbon investment reaching £50/ year by 2030. This event considers the CCG’s advice on how to fiinance the Net Zero transition as part of the Sixth Carbon Budget.   

An Introduction to Plant Galls talk – Wednesday 27 January 6:30-7:30pm.  This talk  hosted by the London Natural History Museum explains the fascinating abnormal growths caused by viruses, fungi bacteria, other plants, insects and mites. 

Your Better Nature – A series of thought-provoking webinars United Nations Association: Climate & Oceans on Wednesday 27 January, 3 February and 10 February. 

Environment Talks: How Your Pounds can Protect our Planet talk – Thursday 28 January 5:30-6:30pm.  Whether you’re just begining your journey into more sustainable living or are 10 steps ahead of the masses, one thing that is often ignored is thinking about where our money goes.  No, we’re not talking about what you buy but where your money is stored.  Hosted by Impact Hub King’s Cross.

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 29-31 January.  Enjoy an hour with wildlife and discover the wildlife on your doorstep.

Calls to Action!

Ready to take the Veganuary pledge?

Transform leftovers – save money and cut waste!

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