#showthelove campaign February 2022

Portsmouth Friends of the Earth is supporting the Climate Coalition’s #ShowThe Love campaign this February. We’d like as many people as possible to take part in a family-friendly activity designed to show our MPs and Councillors that we love nature in our streets. See below to find out how to join in:

Here are the instructions:

  • Draw or craft a large green heart (A3 is a good size). It’s ok if you prefer to use different colours!
  • Fold your heart up and take it with you on a walk around the streets.
  • Whenever you see something you like (eg daffodils, a lovely tree, weeds growing in a crack in the pavement, a colourful hanging basket or plant pot, an insect, a bird) put your heart next to it and take a photo with your phone.
  • Post the photo on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and tag Portsmouth Friends of the Earth by typing @portsmouthfoe. That way we can see your photo too. We will use all the photos we receive to create a short videoclip which will be posted on our social media pages and webpage at the end of February. We will send a copy to Portsmouth MPs and Councillors, explaining that the hearts show that local residents love nature in our streets and we’d like our streets to be more nature friendly.
  • If you wish, you may like to add #showthelove so anyone following this thread on Twitter can see your picture. If you look at this Twitter thread you will see wonderful pictures of green hearts from around the country. You could also add @climatecoalition to your post so that the Climate Coalition can see how people in Portsmouth are supporting their #ShowTheLove Campaign.

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