Sat 21 May – Creating Green Neighbourhoods Walk

What a fantastic walk – appreciating the beautiful plants and how important they are to our wellbeing and nature. We need to do more to look after them!

We had a terrific turnout for this great walk around Eastney and Milton. It was good to remind ourselves of the important work wild plants, like Catsear, do supporting a diversity of wildlife. We should embrace and manage them to support our ecosystem.

We were joined by 45 people including Richard Jones, Portsdown Countryside Officer for Portsmouth City Council who identified the many wild plants that we came across including Catsear, Hotlips, Mayweed, Shepherd’s Purse, Procumbent Pearl Wort, Sowthistle, Chickweed and Spurge.

We also learnt about the exciting Living Streets project in Highland Road.

Check out the video of the walk on facebook or TikTok!

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