Campaign Meeting – Monday 20 January 7pm

Help make a real difference to our city by getting involved in our campaigns:

* Beat Climate Change
* Nature & Double Tree Cover
* Reclaiming our streets for people, particularly London Road which
is failing to meet national air quality targets.

At this meeting we will be sharing ideas for greening streets. Have a look online and bring an idea to the meeting 🙂

Meet us in the Community Space, behind the tills at Tesco, Fratton Way PO4 9HE.

(Please note that you cannot bring any shopping into this room).


    1. Hi Susannah, sorry for the confusion! Our campaign planning meetings are always on the 3rd Monday of the month, so our January meeting is on Monday 20th. Hope you can still make it – several new people are coming. If you have time, please do a little research online and bring one idea for greening a city street to the meeting, as we are going to share ideas.
      Best wishes


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