April 2020 Newsletter!

First of all a big thank you to all the amazing key workers out there who are keeping us well and fed!

Support groups
During times of crisis, it’s natural to want to do you part to help. If you can volunteer, contact the Hive which is coordinating the community response to support vulnerable residents.

Facebook support groups
Portsmouth-Covid 19 Helping Hands.
Portsmouth Coronavirus Support Group.

As lots of people are currently stuck at home, we thought we’d share some ideas on keeping up to date with campaigns, how you can lower your carbon footprint, help and learn about nature- all for free and from home!  We’d love to hear your ideas.  Please send them to us at pfoeinfo@gmail.com and we’ll put them in our next newsletter.

PFOE ‘Streets for People’ Campaign – it would be great if Portsmouth streets were like this:
– ‘Five Years of Enjoy Waltham Forest’
– Green bus stop roofs in Utrecht
– Barcelona Superblocks – Change the grid, change your neighbourhood.

Local Activities
Grow your own veg with Incredible Edible Portsmouth (Facebook group)
Fix something with help from the Repair Café Portsmouth.

Plan a wildlife garden with the RSPB.
Create your own bee hotelwith aFOE kit.
Get started with organic growing
Create a garden pond with the HIWWT.
Create container plants with the HIWWT.
Start a Nature Exchange in your street – just put out any spare pots, seeds etc that you’ve got lying around and invite your neighbours to do the same. 
Be a nature detective in your garden with these beebeetle & butterfly worksheets from the HIWWT

Enjoy #BreakfastBirdwatch 8-9am every morning with the RSPB on Facebook & Twitter

Make the most of the food you have at the back of the cupboard or see how you can extend the shelf-life of your food with Love Food; Hate Waste.

Switch to
A green energy supplier.
A more sustainable bank FOE recommends Triodos. 

Stop junk emails and lower your carbon footprint – learn more here.

Send an eco-friendly e greetings card.

Listen to an inspiring podcast
How to save the planet
Costing the Earth.

Watch a livestream/ talk about the environment
The Self-Isolating Bird Club – daily livestreams with naturalist Chris Packham.
TED Talk – there are literally hundreds to choose from.
Earth Live sessions over the next few weeks hosted by Marine Conservation Society Ocean Ambassador Lizzie Daly.

Learn about the natural world with these online lessons.

Aimed at children:.
Cetacean lessons ORCA’s interactive lessons, activities and Q&A sessions about whales & dolphins.  Sign up for lesson plans.
Cool Seas lessons by the Marine Conservation Society.

Aimed at adults:
Future Learn
Open University

Keep up to date with environmental issues – subscribe to the Greenpeace newsletter

No. More. Plastic. – Martin Dorey.
How to Give Up Plastic – Will McCallum (Greenpeace).
Live Green – Jen Chillingsworth
Tuamor The Turtle – Jo Earlam

Get your voice heard
Friends of the Earth is pausing its lobbying of government and councils to allow them the maximum space to respond to the pandemic and support our communities. 

Tell BP to switch to 100% renewable energy or shut down.

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