‘Streets for People’ Campaign

Portsmouth Friends of the Earth (PFOE) volunteers are working with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) ‘Wilder Portsmouth’ project to brighten up and replant flowerbeds in Derby Road, North End.

Clearing the flowerbeds

Work started on 29th October. Despite the rain volunteers made very good progress. Watch this space for more news and photos. Contact us via this website if you would like further information or to get involved.

Getting started
Judy & Caroline, Good Gym turned up to help
Andy, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust ‘Wilder Portsmouth’ project
Kathee, Portsmouth Friends of the Earth
Meg, Portsmouth Friends of the Earth surveys the cleared beds

A bit of background

Checking out the planters in Derby Road, North End

In 2018 Portsmouth Friends of the Earth held a public meeting to give Portsmouth residents the opportunity to express their views about what would improve our city. Our report, Streets for People’ (2019) summarised these views :

Most of all, local residents want streets that are people-friendly, not car-dominated. They want more trees and green spaces‘.

North End has one of the most car-dominated high streets in Portsmouth. London Road is an historic thoroughfare with many independent shops, but incessant traffic noise, narrow pavements, crossings that are few and far between, high levels of air pollution, and complete absence of trees between Kingston Crescent and Stubbington Avenue mean that today it is not the ‘street for people’ that it could and should be. It is PFOE’s view that North End should be transformed into a low traffic and green neighbourhood with London Road a low traffic high street at its heart.

This short Youtube video clip shows what a lovely place a low traffic neighbourhood can be: Waltham Forest ‘Mini Holland

Just before ‘lockdown’ PFOE members asked North End residents where they would like to see more trees and planting:

Collecting greening ideas in London Road, North End

The answer was ‘opposite the post office in Derby Road‘:

Planters opposite the post office, Derby Road, North End – in need of some tlc!

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