‘Pompey Street Space’ campaign launch May 2020

Portsmouth Friends of the Earth, Portsmouth Cycle Forum, XR Portsmouth, Let Pompey Breathe, Playing Out Portmsouth and Portsmouth Green Drinks have launched a new campaign calling for a joined up network of safe and liveable streets that enable social distancing; where residents of all different mobilities can meet, cycle, wheel, walk and shop safely.

There are three requests:

Create a network of roads throughout the city with cycle and pedestrian priority

Widen narrow pavements in busy streets so that people can keep 2 metres apart whilst walking, queuing etc

Create commuter cycle routes to allow people who usually travel by public transport to get quickly and safely to work by bike.

The Council has started making progress, but we are asking for quick measures, easily installed using paint, plastic and planters, throughout the city. These experiments need monitoring, changing as necessary, and the ones that work should become permanent when more money becomes available.

Sign the petition: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/pompeystreetspace

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